Stretchmo Logo
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Series: Pushmo
Genre: Puzzle


Ratings: E for Everyone
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Media: Digital download
Stretchmo (known as Fullblox in PAL regions and Pushmo: Hippa Land in Japan) is a video game in the Pushmo series. It was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It was released on May 14th, 2015 in North America for the Nintendo 3DS.


The gameplay is similar in nature to Pushmo, with the ability to run on, jump onto or from, pull, and push blocks. However, the blocks can now increase or decrease in size along two axes as opposed to only the Z-axis. Furthermore, blocks start out as tangible and able to be walked around like in Crashmo at the cost of only being able to be pulled out two blocks on each side.


Excluding the free tutorial levels, five separately purchased attractions exist.

Playtime PlazaEdit

Playtime Plaza features Mallo as its playable character, and serves as the main story mode of the game.

Sculpture SquareEdit

Sculpture Square is an attraction with Stretchmo designed to resemble real-life objects. Poppy is the playable character in the attraction.

Fortress of FunEdit

Fortress of Fun features gizmos that serve as enemies and must be avoided. Corin is playable in this attraction.

NES ExpoEdit

NES Expo features Stretchmo based on NES sprites, and features Papa Blox as a playable character.

Perilous PeakEdit

Perilous Peak is unlocked by completing all Stretchmo in the other four attractions. Its levels are designed to be the most difficult in the game.

Reception Edit

Stretchmo received favorable reviews from the gaming press. [1] GameSpot described it as "even more approachable" than Pushmo or Crashmo. [2] Gaming Nexus stated that it was an "excellent puzzle game that expands on the concepts of Pushmo". [3]